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Brow Lift

Sometimes the eyebrows may be very low, especially in men, structurally but generally due to aging. This can give the person a very tired and exhausted appearance. In addition, this situation causes a false drooping of the eyelids. In order to relieve this situation, the person tries to lift the forehead muscles by excessive contraction, which causes very deep lines on the forehead.

How is eyebrow lift applied?

The operation is performed under local or sedation anesthesia. It takes an average of 1 hour. It is performed with forehead lift or upper eyelid aesthetics.

Is eyebrow lift permanent?

If done correctly, it will be effective for 5-10 years.

Will there be scars after brow lift?

There is no noticeable scar in eyebrow lift because it hides in unseen places.

Why is eyebrow lift necessary?

When the eyebrows are lifted to where they should be, this provides a fresher image and reduces headache-like complaints due to the fact that it does not cover the visual field.

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