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Butt Lift Surgery

Anesthesia type: general anesthesia
Duration of the operation: 2-3 hours
Hospitalization: 1 night
Duration of stay in Istanbul: 5-6 days
Returning to daily activities: 6-7 days

The butt skin may sag due to excessive weight loss and many other reasons. This situation, together with the decrease in butt volume, causes an excessive loss of self-confidence in the person. Special underwear such as underwired bras can be used to compensate for this situation.

In the butt lift operation, an incision is planned from the fold on the butt. It is used to peel off the excess skin and give volume to the butt. The butt is lifted up just like wearing pants. Fat injection and tummy tuck can be combined with this procedure. A scar remains on the butt. This trace becomes acceptable after 1 year.

This area should not be compressed for 3 weeks. Therefore, it is recommended to lie face down.

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