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Fat Injection to the Breast

Although the gold standard method for breast augmentation is augmentation with silicone implants, filler injection can also be used for this purpose. The safest method for filling injections is the injection of one’s own fat.

Who is ideal for breast fat injection?

Fat injection to the breast can be applied to people who demand very little augmentation, have very small asymmetry between two breasts structurally, do not want silicone implants, do not have a family history of breast cancer, do not have pathological cysts in their breast, and have enough fat in their body for injection.

Where are the oils collected for fat injection into the breast?

Unwanted fat can be removed from the abdomen, back and waist, legs and arms by liposuction.


The procedure is done under general anesthesia. Fats are collected by liposuction from unwanted fat areas in the operation. Pure oil is obtained by passing through special processes for filtration. It is mixed with special solutions and injected into the breast with specific cannulas. The operation takes 1.5 hours on average. Stay in the hospital for 1 night after the procedure.

Post-operative process?

Social life can be resumed 2-3 after the operation. The use of bras is not recommended. Injected oils remain on average 40-50%.

Does the process need to be repeated?

For those who want significant growth, 2 or 3 sessions of fat injection are recommended.

What are the risks of fat injection into the breast?

Although very rare, fat cysts may occur in the breasts with oil injection. These are followed by an experienced radiologist.

What are the advantages of fat injection into the breast?

Both unwanted fats are removed by liposuction and breast enlarged by fat injection looks more natural.

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