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Genital Aesthetics

Anesthesia type: general anesthesia
Duration of the surgery: 1 hour
Hospitalization: 1 night
Duration of stay in Istanbul: 2-3 days
Returning to daily activities: 3-4 days

Reduction Of Inner Lips (Labiaplasty)

Due to advanced age, normal vaginal deliveries, irritation of underwear and many other reasons, the vagina expands and the inner vaginal lips may enlarge. This situation can cause women to be recessive in their sexual life and to lose self-confidence.

Vaginoplasty can narrow the vagina and reduce the inner lips in the same session. These procedures are most often combined with tummy tuck operations in maternity aesthetics.

An average of 3 weeks of sexual abstinence is required after the procedure. It is necessary to pay attention to hygiene in the first few days. Pulp-rich foods should be consumed to prevent constipation.

Laioplasty can also be performed on single people who have not given birth. There is no loss of feeling. There is no obvious scar 1 month after the operation. The vagina can also be narrowed with this operation.

Outer Lip Aesthetics

The outer lips can sometimes be larger or smaller than normal. When large, enlarging procedures such as liposuction, when small, fat injection can be performed.

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