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Six-pack / Two-pack

Anesthesia type: general anesthesia
Duration of the operation: 2 hours
Hospitalization: 1 night
Duration of stay in Istanbul: 5-6 days
Returning to daily activities: 5-6 Days

What Is Six Pack / Two Pack?

It is a fat removal procedure performed on people who have complaints of regional fat in the abdomen and waist area and who also want a sporty and fit abdominal appearance. It is also known as high definition liposuction. It is called six-pack for men and two-pack for women.

In people who cannot spare enough time for sports due to their intense working tempo, or who have difficulties in creating sufficient shape with sports, the fat between the abdominal muscle groups is removed with vaser liposuction and the muscles are made more prominent. Sometimes, we can add procedures such as special liposuction and fat injection to the chest and arm area.

Who Is Eligible For Six Pack And Two Pack?

The most suitable patient group for this is those who are not post-bariatric, without skin laxity and without excess skin and sagging. People with excess skin and sagging can first undergo a six-pack operation with a tummy tuck 6 months and then a second operation.

It is recommended to wear a medium pressure corset for an average of 1 month. Lymphatic drainage massage is important. The final result is available in 3 months. In order for the result to be long-lasting, weight should be stable after the procedure and sports should be done.

The most common combination with this procedure is gynecomastia operation and lumbar liposuction.

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