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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Anesthesia type: general anesthesia
Duration of the operation: 2-3 hours
Hospitalization: 1 night
Duration of stay in Istanbul: 6-7 days
Returning to daily activities: 1 week

Due to the aging process, excessive weakening, pregnancies and many other reasons, abdominal loosening, sagging, skin cracks and especially bulging in the stomach area can reach. With the abdominoplasty operation, it is aimed to get rid of this appearance and to have a tight, flat abdominal structure with prominent waist play.

Who Are The Eligible Persons For Abdominal Stretching?

Anyone who has loosening, sagging, skin cracks and curvature in the stomach area is a suitable candidate for tummy tuck. However, those who are extremely obese, have high abdominal fat, uncontrolled diabetes, excessive smokers and severe systemic diseases are not suitable.

Who Are Not Suitable For Abdominoplasty?

The best time for a tummy tuck is when the person reaches their ideal weight. Otherwise, the curvature due to intra-abdominal fat will not disappear, and a fit and flat stomach image will not be obtained.

Can You Get Pregnant After Abdominoplasty?

It should be waited for at least 1 year after delivery and pregnancy should not be made for 1 year after abdominal stretching.

What İs Mini Abdominoplasty?

If the sagging and deformation of the skin is localized only under the navel and there is no looseness on the belly, if this situation cannot be corrected by liposcution, a mini tummy tuck may be sufficient. The difference between this and full tummy tuck is that the location of the navel does not change and the scar remains shorter.

In this operation, sagging, poor quality and excess skin scars are excised to remain in the bikini area. The belly button is moved to its new location. A special corset is worn for 1 month and a slightly inclined posture is used for 2 weeks. The final result is obtained in 3-6 months.

We most often combine liposuction of the back and waist area to this operation. The lumbar region, including the repair of the abdominal muscle tear and liposuction, can be thinned 12-15 cm.

Will I Lose Weight After Abdominal Stretching And Liposuction?

After the abdominoplasty, a weight reduction will be seen in proportion to the tissue removed and the amount of fat removed. But it should not be forgotten that neither liposuction nor tummy tuck is a slimming method, but a contour and shaping method.

Is There Any Scars After Abdominoplasty?

The surgical scar is designed to remain in the underwear, similar to the cesarean scar. It becomes acceptable after 1-1.5 years.

Can Abdominoplasty Operation Be Performed On Men?

Tummy tuck is a procedure performed not only for women but also for men.

Circular Tummy Tuck = Belt Lipectomy And Extended Tummy Tuck What Is It?

Sagging occurs in the abdomen, waist and buttocks in people with excessive weight loss after their own request or after stomach reduction operations. When stretching is performed in the abdomen and waist area, it is called an extended tummy tuck. When a stretching procedure is performed to raise the abdomen, waist and butt, it is called belt lipectomy. In both operations, the scars remain completely under underwear.

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