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Who Is Lip Filling Applied?

Having shaped, plump, attractive and sexy lips and a younger appearance can be achieved with hyaluronic acid fillers. Apart from that, lip augmentation can be done for lip augmentation, contouring, contour clarification, correction of asymmetries and sagging on lip edges.

Topical anesthetic cream is applied to the lips before the procedure. After waiting for 15 minutes, it is applied with the help of special cannulae with a blunt tip. The application takes 10 minutes.

The effect is seen immediately after the application. It is recommended not to eat or drink anything very hot for 2-3 hours after the procedure.

It is normal to see swelling and bruising for a short time after the procedure. These will disappear completely in 2-3 days.

Face Filling Applications

During the aging process, sagging of the skin in the face area, decrease in skin elasticity, melting of bones and volume reduction in fat compartments occur. As a result of all these, sagging on the face, deep and fine wrinkles occur in the forehead, cheeks and chin area.

It makes sense to compensate for this volume reduction with fillers. This process will reduce the need for filling injections for these wrinkles.

In addition, we can correct the tear through deformity that occurs under the eyes with filling application. In this way, the false prominence in the fat bags in the lower eyelid is reduced.

Nasolabial grooves, filling injections into the chin contour help to have a younger face.

The effect is seen immediately after the procedure. The final result is achieved after 10 days. Although it may vary from person to person, an effect of 1-2 years is achieved.

For What Purpose Is Chin Filling Done?

With filling application, the jaw line can be made clear in both men and women, and a more bony and attractive, V-shaped oval face can be obtained. Sometimes it may be necessary to add bischectomy, massater botox and cheekbone filling.

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